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This section contains articles written by contemporary writers mainly from the prospective of a Protestant faith.

Aion/ForeverAn article about the meaning of forever in the Bible

UniversalismProf. Keith DeRose at Yale University has a good writing about Universal Salvation

HellHell has many forms and names in the Bible yet most are translated improperly and our understandings stem from old church fear tactics


This section contains Orthodox related writings about apocatastasis, including quotations from priests commonly referred to as The Desert Fathers. They lived during the earliest times of the church and many of them went to live in solitude in the forest/desert for further meditation, study, and devotion



This section contains a greeting letter, list of historical believers, guestbook, video and audio clips

BlogApocatastasis on BlogSpot

TwitterApocatastasis on Twitter


This page contains a list of links to other sites related and unrelated to apocatastasis.